Arts & Crafts Furniture by Mission Concepts

Introduction to Arts & Crafts Furniture


The design of our pieces falls into three categories. The first is the exact measuring of original pieces made available to us by our patrons:

  • #634 Table
  • 8 Leg Sideboard ( No. 817)
  • #818 Server ( No. 818)
  • Bow Arm Morris Chair ( No. 336)
  • Slat Settle ( No. 208)
  • Morris Rocker ( L & J Stickley No. 475)
  • Limbert Side Chair (Awhanee Lodge)
  • Limbert Double Oval Table ( No. 158)

The second is the use of original blueprints and the third is perfect design of pieces not originally available.


Joinery: Strength and durability, as well as integrity of design, are hallmarks of Mission Concepts Inc. All Craftsman pieces are manufactured using mortise and tenon joinery. There are no nails or screws in any load-bearing joints.

Sanding: All pieces are hand-sanded. Extra care is taken to create an “aged” look. This is accomplished by softening the edges.

Waxing, Distressing and Aging: On the Craftsman Heirloom pieces, a pigmented paste wax is used to create “darkening” in the corners and around corbels. This adds to the “aged” look. We do not “distress” our Craftsman pieces. The finished result has the appearance of a well cared-for, true original!


Wood: We use the finest Select & Better Quarter-sawn White Oak from the Midwest, as well as Cherry and Mahogany

Leather: High quality leather available from our vendors in different colors and textures.

Variations can happen from one tannery order to another or from a sample piece to actual hide, leather is a natural product and we can not promise an exact match. It must be understood that imperfections are still present and some may end up in a finished cushion or seat.

We try to work around this as much as possible … but unfortunately the “perfect” hide does not exist. If imperfections are unacceptable, we suggest that the client select their own leather for us to use. An allowance on the price will be calculated.

Finish (Heirloom): The Heirloom finish is a combination of water-based aniline die, shellac and paste wax. It is considered a delicate finis, but spills, when mopped up immediately, cause no damage. Dining table tops have a light coat of lacquer to help with spills.

There is a 20%  extra charge for the Heirloom finish as it is a more time consuming process. Cherry wood pieces are not stained but receive a lacquer and wax finish. This finish will darken to a beautiful rosy color over time.

A hand-rubbed paste wax finish, although not as durable as some of the sprayed-on finishes common today, is what gives each Mission piece its rich, lustrous beauty and aged patina. To maintain that appearance for years to come, follow these simple instructions:

  • Avoid exposure to strong sunlight. Finish will fade.**
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold.
  • Humidifiers are helpful when using dry heating systems.
  • Use protective felt pads under lamps, telephones, clocks and radios.
  • When protecting the top with glass, do not use felt, plastic or cork dots under the glass.
  • Do not use products containing silicone or lemon oil.
  • Avoid alcohol spills as they will permanently damage the finish.
  • Apply Howard’s Feed & Wax 2 – 3 times a year. See product at
  • The leather will stain. For some stain guarding use Lexol© or Coach’s© leather products. Test on an unseen patch first as these products will slightly darken light leather.
Finish (Premiere): This finish is more durable. It is a combination of NGR dye, sealer and pre-catalyzed lacquer.
The finish on the Premiere Line is a beautifully formulated, durable version of the Heirloom finish. This finish is “family friendly” and has been tested in-house for durability to alcohol, heat, acid liquids and solids, and water. Here are some simple care instructions:

  • Dust using a soft, dry or lightly dampened cloth
  • Do not use oiled and treated cloths
  • If a solvent based furniture cleaner is to be used, test an inconspicuous patch first
  • Apply liquid wax occasionally to maintain sheen.  

Tiles: Our Craftsman tiles are custom made for us and feature a Grueby-like glaze to depict the pottery from this period.

Hardware: Our Craftsman Heirloom hardware is custom designed, hand-hammered copper. Our Premiere hardware is authentically replicated cast metals.

Stain Choices

Cherry Stains







Natural Oiled

Natural Oiled


Oak Stains










Tile Choices
Sage Green